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“GR CRANES” is a leading manufacturer and supplier material Handling systems as per Clients requirements such as Eot Cranes, Semi-EOT Cranes etc. As mentioned earlier, we are ISO9001:2015 certified company for our Quality Management System. Apart from that, we have products ranging from 500 Kg to 50 TON and more for all sorts of material handing equipments such as Overhead EOT Cranes & Under slung Cranes with Double and Single girder arrangement also GOODS Lift and Scissor Lift of both mechanical and hydraulic type and many other products.who is currently leading the company with their vision to provide “Best of the Best” to our clients. His idea behind providing such wide range of products and quality assured with them, is that the customers will not have to look at other places. He was and still believes in “Heavier Safety at Lighter Cost”.

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We have extensive experience with power plants – including lengthy experience in nuclear plants. We also provide a range of crane supplies and support to other sizeable processing and manufacturing plants. GR Cranes offers a full range of plant outage crane support services, and our catalog of site support services includes compliance inspections, as well as 24/7 maintenance and repair services.

Our highly skilled engineering support team and field technicians bring quality workmanship and wide-ranging experience to every project they work on. In addition, our manufacturing facility allows us to quickly fabricate spare parts and components to refurbish cranes and hoists.

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