Double Girder EOT Cranes

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Double Girder Bridge Cranes are most frequently used where capacities over 10 tons and/or spans of 60 to 100 ft are needed. They can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders. Double Girder Bridge Cranes are also ideal where high speeds and heavy service are required

They are highly suitable where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels or other special equipment. Asian is capable of building cranes for loads up to 500 tons.

  • As per ISO 9001:2008 Standard.
  • Capacities Up to 20 Ton.
  • Under-Slung Models are also available.
  • Automation & Programmable.


Double Girder EOT cranes provides greater floor coverage than other type cranes. The close crane end approaches coupled with a close trolley approach hoist give you more working floor coverage. This can reduce your space requirements in new buildings, or expand your usable space in existing buildings.