Pillar Mounted JIB Cranes

Pillar Mounted JIB Cranes

A jib crane is a style of material handling equipment that has a single horizontal boom which spans out from a wall, column, or pillar. The horizontal boom is equipped with a hoist that allows operators to lift/lower and move desired loads within a semi-circle or a complete 360 degree circle (dependent on how the jib is mounted).


If you are looking for the most cost effective lifting solution then a wall/column mounted jib would be ideal as you do not need to add any additional columns, or footings with this jib crane design. Our technical sales staff and engineering department can assist you in selecting the perfect jib crane for sale that will meet all of your application and building requirements.

Our experienced team can help you select an adaptable jib that is efficient in many different applications and that can be obtained at a comparatively low price compared to other styles of overhead travelling cranes. GDI Cranes can meet all of your material handling needs from large capacity overhead cranes to a full line of jib cranes. The GDI line of jib cranes meets all of the current design and engineering regulations for quality and safety.

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