After Sales Service

After Sales Service

We believe in delivering premium level after sale services.. and no matter how small or big the problem is -GR servicing team is at your place to help you , so that there is no resistant in running the operations of your production.

Requirement of any spare parts – if any requirement of spare parts is there , or any of the spare part is missing can contact our service provider or contact us through – (


Problem in handling of crane – if there is any problem in the working of the crane or any other technical issue .problems in erection – if there is any problem in erection or installation of the machinery or cranes .Maintenance and servicing – if you require any servicing of your product or any regular maintenance of your product. Electrical or mechanical problems – any electrical or mechanical problems in the working of the product. call inspection person – if you require any inspection of products or any machinery or you require any person from our side for demo – can contact us.

Any other problem –if you are facing any other trouble in handling of the products.

If you have any of the above problems – you can contact.

MR. C.S. SIDHU (+91-98140-85890)

E-mail :